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Support Group Recommendations

A support group can be a great place to find hope and encouragement. Too often we isolate when we are suffering pain in a relationship. Finding a community can be a source of help and healing.

Natalie Hoffman Book Study

Is it Me?  (Even if her current group is closed, sign up anyway and she’ll alert you to the next group.)

Leslie Vernick, MFT

Conquer Group - (Leslie also has a podcast)

(Highly recmmended by this website)

Sarah McDugal

Betrayal Trauma Recovery Group

Helena Knowlton

Confusion-to-Clarity ARISE group – especially good for women who also had childhood abuse.

Debra Doak, CDC, CDFA

Heather Elizabeth

DivorceCare hosted by WildStream

Wildstream is a Christian retreat center. This is a coed group held on Zoom: 

DivorceCare in local churches

DivorceCare is a very conservative Christian divorce recovery program which is offered in many Protestant churchs. It is a 13-week program. The most current 4th edition is the best one being offered. Be mindful that due to the traditional Biblical beliefs of the founder, the information is great for those experiencing divorce due to adultery and abandonment. However, unless the particular leader accepts divorce for abuse and addiction, it is not a naturally supportive cirriculum for those dealing with divorce due to addictions and abuse. Session 12, which discusses DivorceCare's two acceptable reasons for divorce, can be traumatizing for abuse victims. It is

a good option for those who cannot afford professional counseling.


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