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Books on Divorce (Adults, Teens, Biblical Perspective)

The books listed on this page are recommended by this website to give hope and healing to those who experience the devastating situation of divorce.

by Gretchen Baskerville

Written for Christians and other people of faith, the Life-Saving Divorce gives hope to those who choose to leave destructive marriages. It brings comfort to those who worry: Did I try hard enough? Will my children be okay if I divorce? What does the Bible say about divorce for infidelity, domestic violence, emotional abuse, or other serious problems?  Free study guides. Free chapter-by-chapter videos.

This is a long, scholarly book for people who really want to dig into ancient languages and biblical customs. Instone-Brewer’s findings support divorce for infidelity, sexual immorality, abandonment, neglect, physical abuse, and chronic emotional abuse.

What About me? How to Survive Your Parents' Divorce

by Kim Johnson

Just because your teen isn't talking about it, doesn't mean they are handling your divorce. This book is written for 13 to 18 year olds who might be struggling to understand and deal with the split. It includes tips and tools to provide a way to healing and hope.

by Joseph Pote

For MEN OR WOMEN. When the life of a Christian believer is struck by the tragedy of a failed marriage, what is a godly response? What is God’s heart toward His children who have experienced divorce? Too often the Christian church initiates biased myths that promotes a legalistic attitude toward believers who have unfortunately experienced divorce. For these Christians, these myths build a barrier that distances them from God, and isolates them from fellow believers.


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