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Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson is a writer and speaker, and has been a contributing author in books published by Concordia University, Tyndale House, and Kregal Publications. Her first book, Working Women's Devotions to Go was published in 2007. With a degree in Biblical studies, she has extensive experience in church ministry as well as a secular career as a legal secretary.


Through her experience with a devastating divorce, she has been leading adult divorce recovery classes for twenty years. After continual requests from parents for information to help their teens cope with the fallout from their divorce, Kim authored her second book based upon her knowledge. It is entitled What About Me? How to Survive your Parents’ Divorce, which was released through publication in 2020.


Currently, Kim serves as a volunteer Ministry Partner at her church. She served for five years as Chairman and Secretary for a non-profit ministry Board, and is retired from her position as assistant to the Chief Counsel for the Disneyland Resort. She and her husband have been married for almost thirty years and reside in Southern California. Both serve at their local church. They enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing together; and have a blended family of four adult children and ten grandchildren.

My Story

Everyone has a story, even me. But mine literally wasn’t supposed to happen. That’s because my life began as the result of an act of sexual violence. At a time when society condemned being single and pregnant, my birth mother chose to give me life. Then she gave me a life by giving me up for adoption, to her older sister.


I was in grade school when I found out I was adopted. But even at that young age it didn’t matter to me. It would be several years before I knew the whole story. Yet, because of my adoptive parents, it never mattered. I’m grateful every day for them. And, for the bravery of my birth mother.


Growing up as an only child, my family was very close. Our church was large and the center of our life. That meant Sunday and Wednesday meetings, church camps and lots of activities. Then in high school I was a pianist, sang in the teen choir, worked on the teen paper staff, and often spent afternoons after school helping with different projects. It quickly became clear what I hoped to do with my life. So, after graduating, I chose to attend a Christian college with a ministry career in mind.


Majoring in business and Bible, four years later I graduated with a degree and a husband.

Starting in Indiana, our ministry career included working on staff at 4 different churches in 4 different states. Along the way we added two daughters to our family. Then my husband decided to pursue a master’s degree in theology at a seminary in Dallas, Texas.


That’s when I began my second career as a legal secretary. I worked and he went to school, finishing in four years. Even though I’d never considered this type of job, I found I enjoyed the challenges it presented. And I had no idea how this expertise would be needed later.


After graduation, my husband accepted a senior pastor position in Southern California, and we moved again. With our two daughters in high school, and a great church community, life seemed to settle down. Then slowly, I realized something was off with my husband. He was spending an inordinate amount of time with one of our church secretaries. Frequent lunches and long talks about things other than “work” became red flags. Finally, I confronted him. But he, of course, denied anything was going on.  Indignantly, he claimed I was completely wrong.


As it turned out, I wasn’t. Three weeks after that conversation I was volunteering at a fund raiser event for my daughters’ high school dance team. My husband stopped by and asked me to meet him at a park near our home, so we could “talk.” After parking and taking just a few steps, he turned to me and said, “You were right, I’ve fallen in love with her and I’m leaving.”


Without another word he walked back to his car, got in and drove away, never to return. It was that abrupt and that final. Twenty years of marriage and ministry evaporated in an instant. I have no idea how long I stood there after he left.


In shock I willed myself back to my car and went home. And the first thing I did was to fall on my face and cry out to God. The emotional pain was overwhelming. I had no idea how I was going to handle what was happening. Yet as I prayed, God said, “I’ve got you.”


And He did. With a junior and senior in high school, I didn’t want to move and upend their lives further. So, with the help of our church family I stayed. Thankfully, my prior experience as a legal secretary enabled me to provide for myself and my girls. I also became a part-time staff member, leading worship, and women’s ministry.


The best part? God continued to write my story. I met my second husband through that church (his wife left him for someone else) and God brought us together. We married and blended our family with his two boys and my two girls.


What happened was not my choice, but God recalculated my life. You see, life is full of wrong turns, disappointments, setbacks, and letdowns. Maybe it’s a situation like mine, or an unwanted health issue, a frustrating job loss, or unanticipated failure. Whatever it is, the situation can be overwhelming. But we can always be hopeful.


1 Peter 1:7 says (summarizing), “These have come, (talking about trials), so that the genuineness of your faith, worth more than gold which ultimately perishes, may result in glorifying Jesus Christ.” When bad things happen, they are not just obstacles, but opportunities to grow our faith. And in God’s economy, that’s worth more than gold.


No matter how rough the road of your journey, there is always gold to be found on the path. No roadblock is too big because God is NEVER finished with us. He keeps writing our story. So, just let Him have the pen.


And that’s why I’ve created this website.

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